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Why Digital Marketing Matters Business Forum

Deon Moh, Google Malaysia; Joel Neoh, Groupon Malaysia; Richard Tan,; Mark Darren Lee Hon Kwong, DiGi; Premesh Chandran, Malaysiakini; Christopher Tock,; Timothy Tiah, Churp Churp; Rene E. Menezes, Better; Chu Tzu Ming, New Media School; Dinesh Arasaratnam, Effective Measure; Chris Wee,


Avoiding Founder Failure: 26 Quick Tips and Real Data

Several years ago, I met with Noam Wasserman who had recently joined Harvard Business School as a professor.  I initially came across Noam because he was doing some fascinating research on startups — particularly in the arena of founder relationships.  When I met him for lunch, he brought up some of the toughest issues I’ve ever encountered in my entrepreneurial career: Should you start a company with a close friend or family-member?  Is it wise to divide equity in the startup equally among the founders?  If you had to pick, do you want the cash (get rich) or the control (be queen/king)?  What about your co-founders?  Deep, deep, topics.

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Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising

Date: March 26, 2012
Speaker: comScore, Inc.
Event: comScore Whitepaper

To better understand issues associated with display ad delivery and validation, comScore conducted a groundbreaking charter study with 12 of the world’s leading marketers. The eye-opening findings from this vCE Charter Study help to pave the way for a more accurate measure of campaign delivery that relies on validated impressions, rather than served, or gross, impressions, which are currently the established currency for online ad measurement. Ideally, this research will help to promote the broad adoption of new standard measures that reflect the true delivery of a campaign and generate greater visibility and transparency across the industry and across media.