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Trends of Futuristic Consumers – The Tech-Equipped and Digitally Savvy will Rule the Marketspace

The tech-equipped digitally-savvy consumer of the future is the key to a smarter tomorrow

First day of Mobile Marketing Association Forum Singapore 2012 reflects new understanding of the importance of mobile, the central position of the consumer, and use of mobile for brand-building

Singapore, April 2012 – The tech-equipped digitally-savvy consumer and the future of mobile marketing against the changing digital media landscape were the central topics on the first day of the Mobile Marketing Association Forum Singapore 2012 (MMAF). Closely focused on evolving consumer behaviour in the current technological environment and how brands and marketers can engage, inform and influence them, the first day of MMAF offered industry the chance to identify market trends that will shape a smarter future.

Nearly three hundred delegates and speakers were present at the event held at the Grand Hyatt earlier today, featuring presentations from industry and media leaders such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Google and Nokia. Themed ‘A Smarter Tomorrow’, the MMAF highlighted how the development of the mobile marketing and advertising industry is contingent on a deeper understanding of tech-equipped digitally-aware consumers, who have come to understand and shape the new emerging media.

Consumers will be less concerned about the distinctions between mobile and digital and Internet, but will simply operate within a converged space, Guest-of-Honour, Mr Michael Yap told the delegates at the Forum when he opened with his Keynote Address. Mr Michael Yap is Deputy CEO, Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA).

His talk set the stage for the day’s discussions as he explained Singapore’s world-leading efforts to encourage the development of the interactive digital media sector, including MDA’s international research network, collaboration with industry (including test-bedding programs with a mobile marketing focus) and other progressive programmes.

The nation’s focus on the tech-equipped digitally-savvy consumer mirrored exactly the next talk by Marcel Fenez, Global Leader Entertainment & Media, PricewaterhouseCoopers, who eschewed a discussion of technology in favour of talking about what consumers want in terms of content and how they behave. Against the backdrop of an informative video that included candid comments from consumers from all over the world, Fenez explained that consumers take technology as a given, and that they are more interested in content than in channels.

“The tech-equipped digitally-savvy consumer of the future is the clear focus, as they use their mobile devices in ways that brands and marketers could never imagine,” said Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, APAC. “This year we’ve had more of everything – more brands, more delegates, more insights. This is a reflection of reality. Mobile is so much a part of everyday life that now it’s the consumers who are shaping the landscape of this new media.”

Consumers continued to dominate the conversation for the rest of the day. Srikanth Raju, Head, Ecosystem, APAC, Nokia explained at one point that there may be low-end devices, but there are no low-end consumers (meaning that consumers all want compelling experiences, regardless of the device). Even when the conference split into two tracks (one on mobile as The New Media and the other on Audience and Data), consumer behaviour was still the centre of attention, no matter the subject, from social TV to media consumption, from cross media communication to mobile commerce.

The discussion of digitally-aware consumer of today and the future of mobile marketing continues tomorrow, as the Mobile Marketing Association Forum Singapore 2012 enters its second day.

The Mobile Marketing Association Forum Singapore 2012 is proudly sponsored by Amobee, BuzzCity, The Coca-Cola Company, Gemalto, Google Inc., mediba Inc., Microsoft Advertising, Millennial Media, m-Stars, Nokia, Poynt Corp., and supported by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).


About the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

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Why Mobile Apps is the Future for Engaging Loyal and Responsive Customers for Entrepreneurs |

With the emergence of the digital consumer, where purchases, promotions and spread of messages are now done via mobile applications, it is only relevant that businesses and entrepreneurs start to focus on engaging their customers via mobile apps and the internet. However, for any entrepreneur to make an informed decision, there needs to be a study of the growing trend of the digital consumer market.

If you are considering whether your business should explore having a mobile app strategy, this infographic may give you a simple indicative guide on consumer perception, buying behavior, and  frequency of usage of mobile apps.  Data was gathered for a ‘Mobile Apps Consumer Survey’ which was conducted by analytics firm ClickFox.

This means a lot especially due to the current growth rate of mobile apps in the market, with the 2 major leaders competing neck-to-neck. In recent 2012 Google Android App Marketplace just surpassed the 400,000 apps mark, reaching close to Apple’s App Store which currently has a total of approximately 500,000 apps.

This is indeed a growing trend, for businesses and entrepreneurs to seriously consider designing interactive programme and apps to engage the customers.

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