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Today is May 1, a national holiday in China, and everyone is out and about, seeing the sights and traveling to new places. But getting around new places is much easier with the help of mobile apps, and helpfully, Sina Tech has put together a collection of the best apps for traveling around China. Are you planning a China trip soon? If so, start downloading!


What good is taking a trip if you aren’t eating the best food along the way?

大众点评 – A mobile app that lets users check the Dianping reviews for local restaurants. (Free, iPhone/Android).

布丁优惠 – This app helps users find local deals and coupons to save money on local eats. (Free, iPhone/Android).

美食地图 – This app uses your current position to show you a map of all the delicious food options in your area. (Free, iPhone).

美食日记 – Another app that shows you local restaurants based on your position and helps coordinate eating with friends. (Free, iPhone/Android).


It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to the prettiest place on earth if it’s going to be raining through your whole vacation. Check up on the weather in China (and elsewhere) with these apps:

天气通 – Check the weather in tons of different locations across China, anywhere you could possibly want to go. (Free, iPhone/Android).

旅游景点天气 – Check the weather at specific tourist sites nationwide. (Free, iPhone).

雨伞 – A simple weather app that gives you the forecast all pretty-like. (12 RMB, iPhone).

天气监测 – Sadly necessary in China, this app lets you check up on the pollution levels at your destinations of choice. (Free, iPhone).


Is one of those weather apps predicting rain? Make sure you’ve got a roof over your head — and maybe a complimentary breakfast — with these apps.

酒店达人 – Hotel finder helps you find hotels (click the link to read our review of this app). (Free, iPhone/Android).

快捷酒店管家 – A good app for making reservations at local chain hotels like RuJia and 7 Days. (Free, iPhone, Android). – Book rooms and browse images of different hotels to make your selection. (Free, iPhone).


Getting there and back can be a big part of the fun of travel, or it can be a huge hassle. Use these apps to help you aim for the latter.

去哪儿 – Buy plane tickets at a discount with Qunar’s mobile app. (Free, iPhone/Android).

租租车 – Rent a car at a good price no matter where you are. (Free, iPhone/Android).

高德地图 – Browse 3D maps even when offline to ensure you don’t get lost walking around a strange city. (Free, iPhone/Android).

航班管家 – Buy low-price plane tickets with this app, plus use it to check the status of your flight. (Free, iPhone/Android).


Once you’ve gotten where you’re going, booked a hotel, and eaten some food, you’re going to want to get out and see the sights. But what should you see? These apps can help.

朋游风景 – This app uses your location to show you nearby tourist sites, with better coverage of China than any other app. (Free, iPhone/Androind).

Fotopedia – Read introductions and look at pictures from famous tourist spots all over the world with this app. (Free, iPhone).

TouchChina系列 – The TouchChina series has apps for major tourist sites around China. (Free, iPhone).

百度旅游 – Use your location to see local tourist hotspots and check guidebook entries. (Free, iPhone/Android).

Showing Off

What’s the point of a vacation if you can’t bombard your friends with photos and status updates?

新浪微博 – If you’re looking to show off to your friends in China, Sina Weibo is sort of a no-brainer. (Free, iPhone/Android).

Instagram – For when your photos don’t look like they were taken by a cheap camera in the 1970s. (Free, iPhone, Android).

Camera360 – Another app for tarting up your photos with various special effects. (Free, iPhone/Android).

街旁 – Wherever you’re at, show off to your friends by checking in there with Jiepang. (Free, iPhone/Android).

via Essential Apps for Travel in China | Tech in Asia.


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