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CIP Catalyst (RM150,000)

The CIP Catalyst conditional grant is awarded to teams of innovative individuals who may receive up to a maximum of RM50,000 per tranche for their ideas. Subject to terms and conditions, you may also apply and receive the CIP Catalyst conditional grants up to a maximum of three (3) tranches.

We have expanded the categories of funded areas so that you will be able to get all the help you need to develop your innovative ideas. These categories include:

* Development of prototype;

* Proofs of concept;

* Business plans;

* Purchase of market feasibility research;

* IP (Intellectual Property) search and registration;

* Surveys on concrete statistical data;

* Product sampling expenses

U-CIP Catalyst (RM150,000)

Almost similar to CIP Catalyst, focuses on ideas that come out of the academic or research arena.

CIP 500 (RM500,000)

The first pure technology seed or commercialisation fund offered by Cradle to help budding Malaysian companies with technology-based ideas attain commercialisation



Market Development Grant (MDG)

The objective of the grant is to assist SMEs expand to overseas market. The Government through the Market Development Grant (MDG) provides grants to companies to partially defray the high cost of export promotion. Companies can obtain a 50% reimbursable matching grant on the approved cost of the eligible export promotion activities.



Networked Content Development Grant (NCDG)

The NCDG is a fund established by the Commission to render assistance in the form of grants towards achieving the national aspiration on the development of local content for a networked environment. Its objective is to facilitate and encourage Malaysians involvement in the creation, production and distribution of highly creative, original and marketable networked content for domestic and international markets.


MSC Malaysia

R&D Grant Scheme (MGS)

– Encourage and establish vibrant research and development activities by local companies leading to innovative ICT/multimedia products that possess significant commercial potential.

– Increase the creation of Intellectual Property (IP) that enables companies to compete globally.

– Strengthen the R&D capabilities of Malaysian knowledge workers.



CRDF (Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund)

– CRDF is for the funding of commercialisation activities of locally developed technologies undertaken by Malaysian owned company. The technologies can be those developed by the public sector or they can also be the output of in-house research and development (R&D) activities by the companies.

CRDF 1 is a grant for the commercialisation of R&D output from public and private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a Spin-Off company (“Syarikat Terbitan University, STU”).

A spin off company is defined as a company with local Public and Private University/Government Research Institution ownership.

CRDF 2 is a grant for the commercialisation of R&D output from Public and Private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a Start Up company.

A Start Up is defined as a newly set up Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) established specifically as the vehicle for the commercialization activities of the specific project.

CRDF 3 is divided into 2 categories for the respective sectors as shown below:-

1. CRDF 3(a) is a grant for the commercialisation of any local R&D by SME; and

2. CRDF 3(b) is a grant for the commercialisation of public sector R&D by a non-SME.

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)

TAF is established to facilitate eligible Malaysian companies in the acquisition of foreign technologies for immediate incorporation into the company’s manufacturing activity. TAF’s partial grant enables companies to avoid expensive and often risky technology development stages.

The acquisition of technology could be in the form of acquiring know-how / IP exploitation / rights / blueprints via one of the following methods:

* Licensing of technology; and

* Outright purchase of technology

Business Start-up Fund (BSF)

Business Start-up Fund (BSF) is established to fund new start-up technology-based companies. The Fund incorporates elements of loan and equity, offering companies flexible funding via Convertible Notes (CN) and/or Preference Shares.

The objective of BSF is to support and encourage entrepreneurship and creation of new strategic businesses that are important and potentially scalable, and the funding of supporting companies within a technology eco-system.

Business Growth Fund (BGF)

The Business Growth Fund (BGF) focuses specifically on supporting and providing follow-on funding to successful grant recipient companies. The fund provides hybrid grant-equity funding which acts as a transition and a bridge from grant to venture capital (VC) financing. The financial assistant is a mix of two components – a grant portion and an equity portion that is similarly structured but more flexible than a VC financing.

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